“The Art of the Deal” was in many ways a playbook for Mr. Trump’s campaign, and that’s likely to be true of his presidency. His entire career has been built on managing his brand. Expect him to act with authority, to be the hero who stands up for Americans, takes on CEOs, builds the wall, and ensures better health-care options. Expect initiatives that can be enacted quickly, producing success people can feel in their own lives.

Negotiation is one of the things Mr. Trump believes he does best, so look for his personal involvement in deals, both domestic and foreign. He uses the frisson of anticipation to maintain his audience and dominate the conversation, so expect him to speak, act and tweet outside the box. Lawmakers who oppose Mr. Trump may trigger a tweet and wake up to a constituent firestorm. Conservatives are only now beginning to appreciate that, and it will change the calculus about what will fly in Congress.

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