Now that the 115th Congress has been sworn in, we're beginning to see movement on ObamaCare repeal.

IWV President & CEO Heather R. Higgins and American Commitment President Phil Kerpen write in USA Today that the GOP needs to act fast on repeal, as well as replacement:

If Republicans rush to repeal parts of ObamaCare without a strategy to provide immediate relief to its victims, the ongoing collapse of insurance markets will continue. Democrats and their media allies would focus on shifting political responsibility for ObamaCare’s failures to the repeal bill and the end of the subsidies on which insurance companies relied to write these policies. Republicans would face a rearguard PR battle to avoid “owning” a still-broken healthcare system, while Democrats would have little incentive to come to the table on a “replace” bill.

Conservatives make a mistake if they assume Americans went to the voting booth with a specific desire to see the 2015 partial repeal bill passed. In fact, Trump and GOP majorities were elected to solve a problem — making quality, affordable healthcare more than an empty slogan — and now the GOP needs to deliver. And deliver immediately, not two or three years in the future, as Congress is presently planning.

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