President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress was elected with a mandate. That mandate is to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with market-based reforms that make health care affordable for all Americans.

IWV's President & CEO Heather R. Higgins had some important advice in the Wall Street Journal yesterday for Congressional Republicans on ObamaCare. If they want to succeed, they need to go bold:

Now that insurers are acknowledging the death spiral, there’s an opportunity for bolder action. The House could use regular order, not reconciliation, to pass a bill that not only fully repeals ObamaCare—returning control of the private market to the states—but simultaneously puts into effect at least the core components of reform while including grandfathering and other provisions to smooth the transition to lower-priced options on the free market.

It's no secret that members of Congress are facing some opposition to repealing ObamaCare. You've probably seen the videos of the wild town hall meetings. Heather had some advice for those in the town hall crossfire, too, on how they can show up and win. You can read that here.

After you do, reach out to your congressman and senators and tell them to stand strong on ObamaCare Repeal.