It's what everyone is talking about right now: the GOP's proposed replacement plan for ObamaCare.

To cut through all the noise, we wanted to bring you some insightful analysis of just exactly what this bill is and what it is not. Here's what my colleague Hadley Heath Manning had to say in her op/ed in The Hill:

Republicans have answered the call: Monday night they released the text of legislation that could repeal and replace ObamaCare. The bill would repeal most of ObamaCare’s taxes, subsidies, and mandates, and offer a refundable age-based tax credit instead. It devolves most insurance regulation back to the states, freezes the Medicaid expansion, and converts the program’s funding to a per-capita allotment.

There are no surprises in this bill, which represents compromise on the Republican side. Not all conservatives will support the concept of a refundable tax credit, and others will quibble the bill doesn’t go far enough. But this latest Republican legislation is a good starting point for discussion, and it includes some helpful policy changes.

You can go here to read Hadley's entire take on the American Health Care Act.

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