Right now, many people are focused on the details of the plan that will replace ObamaCare after it is repealed.

But let's not put the cart before the horse here. First, we still need to repeal ObamaCare. And why? Because it's hurting millions of Americans.  People like Susie from California. Here's her story:

Not only is Susie’s monthly premium under Obamacare more expensive than her mortgage, her insurance (Covered California) has repeatedly fought her for every procedure, ER visit and doctor bill she has incurred. Worst of all, Susie has an arrhythmia problem but cannot get the cardiac rehab she needs despite a recent incident of incapacitating palpations which lasted for a day and a half. Susie says she truly doesn’t think her insurance cares if she lives or dies. In her words, “It's sick to be treated like an unworthy person when you are so sick.”

Susie's not alone. Here's a photo that we were sent.

These are the victims of ObamaCare.

At BrokenObamaCarePromises.com, we've been collecting stories of the true human cost of ObamaCare. If ObamaCare has caused your insurance premiums to spike, or caused your policy to be cancelled, we want to hear from you. Share your story by emailing us at [email protected]. Pictures and/or video testimonials are encouraged.