Do you remember your very first computer? Oh, how times have changed!  Today, not only do many people have their very own smartphones, we even have the option to buy a pocket-sized computer.

Technology not only makes our lives more convenient, it increases productivity and creates new opportunities for many. Yet technological advancements can have negative consequences as well. As progress continues to be made, which industries should we expect to be most affected? Carrie Lukas, Managing Director at the Independent Women’s Forum and Vice President of Policy and Economics at the Independent Women’s Voice interviews IWF Senior Fellow Patrice Onwuka about the upside and the downsides of technology and increased automation in the latest Working for Women Podcast:

It’s coming. The question is, what do we do about it? I think the wrong reaction is to regulate and stop it so we can protect jobs in the short-term because short-term policies are exactly what will speed up this process.

The wrong approach at the federal level would be to put regulations on what types of technology and automated technology can exist. What’s great about technology and innovation is the freedom to create. It makes the process and the products and services we rely on so much better.

What we should be asking ourselves is, “What are the types of jobs that won’t be replaced by technology?”

…We’ve got to be broader from a policy perspective about ensuring that people have choice and understand what the jobs of the future are.

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