Did you know that, during the Obama Administration, the EPA was issuing an average of almost 500 new rules each year, adding over 33,000 pages to the Federal Register?

In the latest Working for Women Podcast, IWF Senior Fellow Jillian Melchior and Amy Oliver Cooke, executive vice president of Independence Institute and a member of the Trump EPA transition team, discuss Amy's latest piece in The Hill and the future of the EPA under Administrator Scott Pruitt:

Administrator Pruitt has said the EPA is going to do what the EPA was designed to do within its statutory authority.
…What you’re going to see is a regulatory agency that will look at the intent of the statue that established it. He will look at the clean air and water goals that Congress wants to achieve and make the role of the EPA fit that. 

…States are the ones who are the closest to their constituents. They are uniquely familiar and in the best position to make decisions about environmental standards and air and water standards within their own states. Also, it gives the residents of that state someone to hold accountable opposed to a D.C. centric, one-size-fits-all system.

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