ROSWELL, GA — A Republican candidate running in the horse race to fill the Georgia 6th Congressional District seat has signed a pledge to repeal former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

That's according to Independent Women's Voice, which said Kurt Wilson has signed its ObamaCare Repeal Pledge.

Wilson, a resident of Roswell, is among several Republicans in the race seeking to replace Tom Price, who was tapped to serve as President Donald Trump's health secretary.

"Kurt Wilson’s decision to take Pledge shows voters that, when it comes to health care, he gets it,” said Heather Higgins, president and CEO of Independent Women's Voice. “Kurt understands the harm that ObamaCare has already caused and will continue to cause if it's not turned back. He recognizes that ObamaCare hurts seniors and increases costs for families. Moreover, he knows that ObamaCare means bigger government and less freedom, places government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients, and reduces our choice and control in health care decisions."

Wilson added he believes the country has been clear with its "mandate" to repeal the law, and the replacement direction was something D.C. leaders came up with on their own.

"The reality is the Republicans have tried to monopolize healthcare and Democrats have tried to nationalize healthcare," he added. "Both have been negative for the American consumer, the American economy and for the healthcare system itself. It's time to change our whole perspective."

Repealing ObamaCare, he added, requires political courage and while helping those in need is a good idea, nationalizing the healthcare system isn't the answer to the problem.

"It's time for our representatives to start listening to the people, instead of serving other interests," he added.

The Repeal Pledge is a project of Independent Women's Voice, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that "supports women and families by providing women with fact based evidence showing how conservative free market solutions advance prosperity, freedom, and greater choices," according to its website.

For more information, visit the organization's website dedicated to its campaign.