For Immediate Release:
April 27, 2017
Contact: Celia Meyer
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(Washington, D.C.) — Congress is working on an updated healthcare reform bill that seems to have approval of both the Freedom Caucus and the moderate-Republican Tuesday Group. Independent Women's Voice Director of Health Policy Hadley Heath Manning released the following statement reacting to the revised bill:  

“ObamaCare — like it or not — is heading toward a certain disaster. Many exchanges are now dysfunctional as insurers are exiting, leaving fewer and fewer quality affordable choices in too many parts of the country. The latest amended healthcare bill on Capitol Hill is the first step in a three phase plan to address this coming collapse and Americans’ important concerns about pre-existing conditions, high costs and fewer choices.

“There is much to like about the updated bill: It gives states a chance to opt out of some of ObamaCare's worst regulatory provisions that drive up costs and limit options. It repeals the law's burdensome tax increases and mandates. It restructures and modernizes the Medicaid program, which is in dire need of reform to ensure that those who need assistance have access to quality health care.

“With the most recent amendments, the American Health Care Act would enable states to make deregulations that would allow consumers to buy insurance policies that fit their family's needs and budget, even policies that don't fit ObamaCare's one-size-fits-all "Essential Health Benefits." These states could also see dramatically lower average premiums by allowing insurers to price policies according to risk. The bill would also provide that states participate in high-risk pools, which will offer a safety net to anyone who faces unaffordable premiums due to a health condition."


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