In the wake of the House passing the American Health Care Act last week, several publications seemingly lost their mind, making hysterical claims that the AHCA is somehow anti-woman.

Perhaps you've seen some of these headlines:



There's a reason these headlines seem like complete and total nonsense. Because they are.

Here's the truth:

It's unfortunate that so much of the fear-mongering about the Republican health plan is aimed at women. It's not just the claims about rape or domestic violence, but there are other misguided articles claiming that pregnancy, c-sections, or post-partum depression will qualify as pre-existing conditions. These are meant to make women feel like they won't be able to get coverage, but that's not reality.

In fact, returning to a situation in which insurers can actually offer tailored health insurance plans and take health factors into account will come with benefits for states who would pursue such waivers. Some seemed to want to celebrate Obamacare because men's premiums were the same as women's, but ignored that prices went through the roof for both. Absent these regulations prices will go down for both women and men, and there are special provisions designed to help make sure that those who face higher costs and health conditions will get the support they need.

You can read more about this from my colleague Hadley Heath Manning right here.

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