Even as ObamaCare continues to crumble – insurers in several states announced in the past several days that they would seek premium increases for plans sold on the ObamaCare exchanges – Democrats are apparently plotting a "recess offensive" to defend the health care law.  They're encouraging lawmakers "to hold events highlighting the 'terrible consequences' of the House Republican bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare."

No word on whether or not they'll mention the terrible consequences of ObamaCare.  But it's doubtful.

The truth is that they're just wrong, particularly when it comes to women.  As my colleague Hadley Heath Manning pointed out in a column in USA Today, repealing ObamaCare is a critical first step in affording women better options and lower health care costs:

The fatal flaw in the ACA’s treatment of women, like so many other big-government schemes, is its misguided premise that all women are the same and want the same things. This is wrong.

Women and their families have unique, individual needs and preferences for health care and insurance. Repealing the ACA is the best first step to offering women — and men — the freedom to find and afford what they want in a robust, competitive marketplace.

Women deserve better than what ObamaCare tells them they should want.  They deserve choice and the freedom to make decisions for themselves on their health insurance needs.

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