Late last night, while you were sleeping, the latest attempt to repeal ObamaCare by eliminating the individual mandate from the law failed in the U.S. Senate, with three Republican senators – Sen. Susan Collins (ME), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Sen. John McCain (AZ) – voting against repeal.

The difficultly of passing even the ‘skinny’ bill highlights that if President Trump is sincere about wanting a serious effort at repeal and reform of health care, he must tell Congress that he will be ending the Obama Administration’s Congressional special exemption, and that the Affordable Care Act will apply to Congress and all their staff the same as it does to all other Americans on the exchanges, as the law intended. 

Nothing would create a greater incentive than personal skin in the game to genuine reform that will actually:

·      Lower costs

·      Improve choices

·      Deliver the real reforms that voters expected to see when they voted in this President and Congress.