When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, shouldn't Congress have to play by the same rules as you and your family? You would think so — but that's not what's happening.

Currently, Congress and their staff get a special ACA exemption. When they realized they'd lose generous benefits, they did everything they could to get out of the regular plan.

The Office of Personnel Management laughably declared Congress a "small business" — which is usually less than 50 employees. Considering Congress has over 500, not including staff, this was not okay.

Thanks to OPM, Congress now gets a 75% subsidy for Gold Level ObamaCare coverage. Their incomes are too high to qualify for ObamaCare’s normal subsidies — and members can even opt much of their staff out of the law entirely. As long ObamaCare is in place, Congress should have to abide by the law as written — just like millions of Americans are required to do.

President Trump can reverse this exemption by telling OPM to enforce the law as written. Then, Members will have a personal interested in repealing and replacing this law with something affordable and workable for all.

There should be no Washington exemption for Congress!