When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, shouldn't Congress have to play by the same rules as you and your family? You would think so — but that's not what's happening.

Currently, Congress and their staff get a special ACA exemption. When they realized they'd lose generous benefits, they did everything they could to get out of the regular plan.

Here's what happened:

· The Office of Personnel Management laughably declared Congress a "small business" — which is usually less than 50 employees. Considering Congress has over 500, not including staff, this was not okay.

· Thanks to OPM, Congress now gets a 75% subsidy for Gold Level ObamaCare coverage.

· Their incomes are too high to qualify for ObamaCare’s normal subsidies — and members can even opt much of their staff out of the law entirely.

As long ObamaCare is in place, Congress should have to abide by the law as written — just like millions of Americans are required to do.

President Trump can reverse this exemption by telling OPM to enforce the law as written. Then, Members will have a personal interested in repealing and replacing this law with something affordable and workable for all.

Please click below to call the White House and tell President Trump to end the illegal Washington exemption.