Trump (and IWV) Support Providing Health Care & Insurance Americans Want and Need at a Price They Can Afford


Washington, D.C. – Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) President & CEO Heather R. Higgins released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s Associated Health Plan executive order dismantling a portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Since the Affordable Care Act passed Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) has been working tirelessly for years pushing for policy reforms that will alleviate the suffering of the American people under the current healthcare law. IWV has fought from day one with the president to allow insurance companies to sell the insurance people actually want and need without penalty while removing the regulatory burden causing healthcare costs to skyrocket.

“IWV has focused its national campaign efforts in urging President Trump to take action to offer an escape hatch for Americans. IWV supports President Trump in showing wisdom and compassion and providing health-insurance options Americans want and need at a price they can afford.”

Independent Women’s Voice:

  • Worked on the executive order that President Trump issued on this first day in office, that directed the Department of Health and Human Services to interpret ACA regulations as loosely as possible in an effort to offer consumers relief.
  • Spent tens of millions of dollars in educational campaigns across the country to inform the public about the impact the ACA has had on American health care so they can make more informed decisions at the ballot box.

  • Launched and later to collect and tell personal stories of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who are victims of the ACA. These stories portray the struggling citizens faced with unbearable costs, lost doctors, denied access to life-saving medications, and insurance cancellations.

  • Created the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge as an outlet for voters to track which candidates can be trusted to vote to repeal –  96 Members of Congress have taken the pledge.

  • Was the first group to target the OPM ruling in 2013 by launching No Washington Exemption and today continues to work to end Congress’ special exemption under the ACA.

  • Worked to build consensus for other repeal efforts – helping to get previous proposals over some regulatory challenges.



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