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Dear Senator:


We write in support of floor passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act dramatically simplifies the code and reduces taxes for families at every income level and for businesses large and small, regardless of whether they are corporations or pass-throughs. The tax legislation will also grow the economy, leading to higher wages and new or better jobs for Americans across the country.


The Senate Finance Committee should be applauded for completing a comprehensive regular order process that has included years of Committee hearings and Member input. Now, it is time for the full Senate to pass this legislation and reform the broken federal tax code.


We urge you and your colleagues to vote for this pro-growth, pro-family legislation.




Grover Norquist

President, Americans for Tax Reform


Christine Harbin

Vice President of External Affairs, Americans for Prosperity


Pete Sepp

President, National Taxpayers Union


James L. Martin

Founder & Chairman, 60 Plus Association


Marty Connors

Chair, Alabama Center-Right Meeting


Phil Kerpen

President, American Commitment


Kevin Waterman?

Chair, Annapolis Center-Right Coalition Meeting (Maryland)


Dan Weber

President, Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)


Jeffery Mazzella

President, Center for Individual Freedom


Olivia Grady

Senior Fellow, Center for Worker Freedom


Chuck Muth

President, Citizen Outreach (Nevada)


Chip Faulkner

Executive Director, Citizens for Limited Taxation (Massachusetts)


Dan Caldwell

Executive Director, Concerned Veterans for America


Matthew Kandrach

President, Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE)


Thomas Schatz

President, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste


Katie McAuliffe

Executive Director, Digital Liberty


Ralph Reed

Chairman, Faith and Freedom Coalition


Richard Watson

Chairman, Florida Center-Right Coalition


Nathan Nascimento?

Executive Director, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce


Jason Pye

Vice President of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks


Carrie Sheffield?

Executive Director, Generation Opportunity


Rodolfo E. Milani

Trustee, Hispanic American Center for Economic Research


Mario H. Lopez

President, Hispanic Leadership Fund


Heather R. Higgins

President and CEO, Independent Women's Voice


Daniel Garza

President, The LIBRE Initiative


Brett Healy

President, The MacIver Institute


Michael LaFaive

Senior Director of Fiscal Policy, Mackinac Center for Public Policy (Michigan)


Mary Adams

Chair, Maine Center-Right Coalition Meeting


Brian McClung

Chair, Minnesota Center-Right Coalition


Tim Jones

Chair, Missouri Center-Right Coalition


Henry Kriegel

President, Montanans for Tax Reform


Rod Edwards

Chair, Nebraska Center-Right coalition


William O’Brien

Former Speaker, New Hampshire House of Representatives

Co-Chair, New Hampshire Center-Right Meeting


Stephen Stepanek

Former Chairman, Hew Hampshire House Ways & Means Committee

Co-Chair, New Hampshire Center-right Meeting


Jack Boyle

Executive Director, Ohioans for Tax Reform


Niraj Antani

State Representative, Ohio House of Representatives


Jeff Kropf

Executive Director, Oregon Capitol Watch


Jordan Harris & Josh Crawford

Co-Executive Directors, Pegasus Institute (Kentucky)


Lorenzo Montanari

Executive Director, Property Rights Alliance


Mike Stenhouse

CEO, Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity


Paul Gessing

President, Rio Grande Foundation (New Mexico)


Karen Kerrigan

President & CEO, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council


David Williams

President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance