Some, including Planned Parenthood Action, are criticizing Virginina governor candidate Ed Gillespie as not being supportive of women, but the accusation appears to be unfounded. In Gillespie's recently released healthcare plan, which is titled "Health Care for All Virginians," he covers how his plan will help men, women and children. While he doesn't use the term "men" or "women" specifically, he does refer to "children" 29 times as well as "adults," "disabled," "mothers," "elderly" and "seniors." Both genders appear to be equally supported in this plan crafted for "all Virginians."
The Planned Parenthood ad is a straw man argument that doesn't represent Gillespie's plan honestly. Aside from the healthcare plan, Gillespie has showcased his strong support for women in the past  — including when he spoke at the Independent Women's Forum (IWF) Gala in 2016

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