Millions of women and their families will soon benefit from the historic tax reform passage passed last week by the Senate.
  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs and families with small children will see their taxes lowered and simplified,
  • With a higher child tax credit, families will have more of their earnings to spend as they see fit. 
In addition to the tax benefit, the Senate also approved the elimination of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate tax penalty, a major step toward ending one of the most unpopular parts of the health law. All of these developments will put more money back in the pockets of Americans and afford US the opportunity to make decisions that are best for ourselves, without government intervention. 
But, the Senate tax bill needs to be reconciled with the House tax bill, which doesn't include the elimination of the ACA tax penalty. Make your voice heard!


Take action – call and tweet – and tell Congress to include the elimination of the ACA's individual mandate and pass tax reform!