Over the weekend, the 2nd Annual Women's March took place in various cities across the country. The event, which started last year in protest to President Donald Trump's inauguration, purports to stand for "all women" but the aggressive promotion of progressive policies and candidates has proved it doesn't welcome everyone. 

In Washington State, the GOP's highest ranking female member of Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, was asked to give a speech at the local march. Due to family commitments, she was unable to attend and recorded a video message instead. Though organizers originally said a video message would work, they changed their tune after McMorris Rodgers video was submitted. 

“They let us know that they had a policy that a video wouldn’t work, and that the speaker would need to be there in person," said McMorris Rodgers' press secretary Jared Powell. 

The  short video, which features positive message applauding female entrepreneurs and the progress of women in the United States, would have been a fantastic addition to balance out the more prevelant focus generally seen at these marches. 


The Women's March gets it fuel from putting down the policies of President Trump so perhaps this message showcasing how well women are doing across the country right didn't fit with their agenda. 

The truth is, the female unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 2001 and 573,000 women have joined the workforce since January 2017. Whether Women's March organizers like it or not, things are looking up for women in America, despite their opposition to the President. 

It's a shame the March didn't allow a positive, conservative voice to be heard at their event. McMorris Rodgers' encouraging message is true and empowering — one that would have been perfect for a March celebrating women.