Conservative groups are pushing President Trump to make ObamaCare repeal a priority in 2018, even as some Republicans signal a desire to move on from the issue.

letter to Trump signed by 43 right-leaning groups calls for health-care reform to be the focus of the fast-track process known as reconciliation this year. Using that process would allow Republicans to repeal ObamaCare in the Senate without Democratic votes, but it would also preclude them from using the tool for other priorities like welfare reform.

"Now that tax reform legislation is signed into law, it is time to deliver on the rest of the promises made to the American people to free them from the shackles of ObamaCare," states the letter, which was led by Independent Women's Voice.

Other groups on the letter included Heritage Action, Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform and Susan B. Anthony List.

Republicans already failed to repeal ObamaCare after a months-long struggle in 2017, and nothing significant has changed since then that would now make the path easier. In fact, the obstacles appear even greater now that Democrat Doug Jones has been elected to the Senate from Alabama, cutting the GOP majority to a single seat, 51-49.

Asked about ObamaCare repeal last month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told NPR, "we'll probably move on to other issues."

Conservative groups don't want to move on, however, and are appealing to Trump for help persuading GOP leaders.

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