Immediate Release
March 1, 2018

Former NOW Leader Tammy Bruce Tapped as Next
Independent Women’s Voice President

Washington DC – Today, Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) announced Tammy Bruce, a long-time IWV friend and board member, will serve as its new president. She will work closely with Heather R. Higgins, who will remain in her role as CEO of IWV.

“Tammy has been a passionate champion of policies that advance prosperity, freedom, and greater choice for women and families for years,” said Heather R. Higgins. “We are excited to have her in this new leadership role and are confident she will advance IWV’s impact and imprint and lead IWV to ever greater success.”

Bruce is a well-known radio host, New York Times best-selling      author, Fox News Political Contributor, social media influencer, and a columnist at the Washington Times. A prominent voice on first and second amendment issues, her commentary has been published in a variety of outlets including, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, Esquire, and The Advocate, among others. She formerly served as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (1990-1997), was chair of the LA NOW PAC and served on their national board of directors.

“In my decades of work advocating for women and their families, my primary focus was making sure women were empowered to be free to make the choices that best suited them. Ultimately, it became clear it was the conservative ideal that would set women free. Personal and financial freedom are key to the individual liberty at the core of the American dream. With those goals in mind, I am thrilled to be asked to lead the IWV, already the most successful independent conservative women’s group in the nation due to the extraordinary vision and accomplishments of Heather Higgins and her team.” said Bruce.

Bruce received her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern California.

 To speak with Heather R. Higgins or Tammy Bruce, please contact Victoria Coley at [email protected].


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