Yesterday was Equal Pay Day, and some groups were trying to convince women that they are consistently being short-changed in the American economy.  That's wrong on many levels, as IWF wrote about here.

Yet there is a lot to celebrate about women's progress in terms of jobs and earnings.  For example, lost in the jobs report was this important fact:

…the number of women, age 16 and over, employed in March reached an all-time high of 72,548,000, which is 18,000 more than February's record.

Women and men aren't competitors, but rather partners, so it's disappointing that men's employment fell, even as women's employment rose.  We want there to be plentiful opportunities for both men and women.  Yet it's worth celebrating all the new opportunities that #ChampionWomen, which will lead to more earnings not just today, but in the future as well.