Comedian and women's rights activist Rosie O'Donnell is targeting White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her looks and her role in the Trump Administration. For someone who believes in women, O'Donnell is exposing how her progressive bias trumps solidarity with all women.

O'Donnell made a series of nasty tweets that kicked off last week and continued onto Tax Day.  

Her first post read:


O'Donnell tweeted a picture of Sanders days later on Tax Day and then again another unflattering picture with the word "LIAR" across Sanders's forehead.


The irony is that O'Donnell has not just been the face of feminism, but at one time backed away from fighting with a woman simply because of her politics. 

When still on the ABC daytime talk show The View, O'Donnell once said of her political fights with former host Elizabeth Hasselback

“I don’t ever want to be paid to fight with another woman. I’m a feminist. Proud to be one…No matter what the price, I would never argue with a pregnant woman, for money. So I had to go.”

What has changed since then? Only the presidency. It seems that this administration is so polarizing that influential women like Rosie O'Donnell cannot parse politics from principle. If the principle is to defend women then her tweets about Sarah Huckabee Sanders are unacceptable.

As we've seen, women in the Trump administration face extraordinary criticism that other women in politics or the public eye don't face. The criticism isn't about policy or substance, but sexist jokes about their hair, make-up, clothing, and appearance – something that feminists have fought against for generations.

Sanders has been slammed before for her looks and character by men like Jim Carrey and LA Times cartoonist David Horsey and received no feminist outrage. Sadly, so-called feminists including Cher just pile on.

If you are a champion for women, be a champion for all women or get off your soapbox.