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May 11, 2018

Dear Member of Congress,

On behalf of the undersigned organizations and the millions of Americans that we represent, we write to express our support for the rescissions request sent to Congress by the Trump administration. We are pleased to see efforts to scale back unused and unnecessary federal spending and urge you to support this package.

The rescission process has been utilized by several previous Democratic and Republican administrations. This proposal requests more than $15 billion in rescinded appropriations, which makes it easily the largest rescission request offered by any President in U.S. history. As with rescission requests in the past, we believe this important step toward greater fiscal responsibility is worthy of strong bipartisan support.

The targeted funding reductions apply only to unobligated funds and would not impact program operations. The request features numerous programs that are long past their expiration date or no longer functioning, such as the Energy Department’s loan program for Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing, which hasn’t made a loan since 2011 ($4.3 billion), National Emergency Grants made under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ($22.9 million), and leftover funding for earmarked highway projects ($86 million).

With the national debt topping $21 trillion and projected deficits exceeding $1 trillion, it is clear that Washington will have to start showing greater spending discipline. While this package does not solve all of the federal government’s spending problems, it does take an important step toward achieving budgetary savings – a goal all lawmakers from both parties should enthusiastically support.

The presidential rescission request to Congress is pro-taxpayer and commonsense. We encourage all Members of Congress to support its passage.


Pete Sepp, President

National Taxpayers Union

Tom Schatz, President

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

David McIntosh, President

Club for Growth

Jonathan Bydlak, President

Coalition to Reduce Spending

David Williams, President

Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Adam Brandon, President


Brent Wm. Gardner, Chief Government Affairs Officer

Americans for Prosperity

Grover Norquist, President

Americans for Tax Reform

Tim Chapman, COO

Heritage Action for America

Norm Singleton, President

Campaign for Liberty

Seton Motley, President

Less Government

Carrie L. Lukas, President

Independent Women's Forum

Heather R. Higgins, CEO

Independent Women's Voice

Amy Kremer, Co-chair

Women for Trump

Andrew F. Quinlan, President

Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Palmer Schoening, Chairman

Family Business Coalition

Jeffrey Mazzella, President

Center for Individual Freedom