Liberals and the Democratic Party never know when to stop. Going too far with their complaints has been the folly that exposes their concerns as fever dreams. Opportunistic outrage is their drug, and like all addictions it takes over and ruins everything for them.

The last week featured two monumental liberal benders, both about their favorite destroyer of universes, President Trump. The Democrats don’t even take their time any more to work themselves into a frenzy; they start with foam at the mouth, which doesn’t exactly engender confidence and trust.

Trump Derangement Fever Dream One is brought to us by FBI agent and anti-Trump texter Peter Strzok. His bizarre public testimony was infused with a strangely hyper-smug arrogance.

As he was questioned about text messages to his lover, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, which were rife with hate for Mr. Trump, and discussed interfering with and “stopping” his election as president, this deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division’s testimony to Congress was troubling. It was punctuated with bouncing and swaying in his chair, mugging at the committee, smirking and strange smiles that some compared to Jack Nicholson’s character in the horror film, “The Shining.”

Some thought it disturbed; it was at least the sort of performance you get from a juvenile delinquent who has never faced any consequences for his actions. One had to imagine the foam on his chin, but it was there.

The second Trump Derangement Fever Dream arrived right on time and delivered the usual and predictable outrage of all outrages. It also, interestingly enough, took the Strzok testimony shock off the front pages. The reaction to President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin transcended from regular perpetual outrage to outrage porn.

Many people didn’t like the president’s comments at the press conference. You can not like what he said or didn’t say. You can think he shouldn’t have met with Mr. Putin at all, because Mr. Putin is, in fact, a thug. You can think there were missed opportunities to reinforce to Mr. Putin that interfering in American elections is unacceptable.

Mr. Trump issued a clarification on Tuesday about his remarks, but that won’t matter. The attacks on him weren’t based on policy or national security, they were always about politics.

Various politicians and establishment toadies were simply not interested in a serious, measured response to the event. Instead, if you didn’t like what he said, it was suddenly treason. We saw Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen use language many see as calling for a military coup. On Twitter, Mr. Cohen wrote, “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!” Philip Mudd, formerly of both the FBI and CIA and now a CNN “counterintelligence expert,” asked during an interview when a “shadow government” would come out against Mr. Trump. That would also be called sedition.

The striking irony is some of those same people actually condemning the president for fake treason now suggest things that are actually treasonous — like a coup and sedition. That’s when the foam on a critic’s chin begins to seep into their mind.

I have been critical of the president, and I’ve learned that one is better served by focusing on what he achieves instead of the media and Trump-hater analysis of what he says. One thing we know about Mr. Trump, like his style or not, he loves this country, his actions have improved everyone’s lives and increased the economic and national security of this nation. But that, too, simply adds to the fever dream of those who wish it weren’t so.

Reasonable people can have an honest discussion about what the president says and does, but that’s not what’s happening here. The same people who are calling Mr. Trump’s lack of aggression toward Mr. Putin during a press conference as treasonous, also told us his aggressive rhetoric against Kim Jong-un would cause World War III.

The same people who dived into the deep end of the hysteria pool after Helsinki also told us that the tax cuts would be Armageddon; that ending net-neutrality would kill people; and now Hillary Clinton warns that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would return the nation to the 1850s. You know, when slavery was legal.

Addressing the madness that continues to grip the establishment and media, Liz Peek, a columnist at Fox News, wrote, “To be sure, President Trump missed an opportunity to publicly and sternly warn Russian President Vladimir Putin against interfering in future U.S. elections …” Ms. Peek noted. “But really, did anyone really expect him to declare the Russian leader a liar on global TV? What would have been the point of traveling to Helsinki and arranging a summit between the world’s two biggest nuclear powers, only to scuttle the chance at a new and improved relationship? It wasn’t going to happen, and in fact Trump hinted at that beforehand, when he told reporters not to expect ‘a Perry Mason’ moment.”

Mr. Trump has always been more than willing to engage with reasoned, legitimate discussion about his approach. But don’t hold your breath for his disturbed critics to acknowledge what will ultimately be another Trump foreign policy success story.