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Champion Women Ambassadors Come Together to Highlight Need for More Civility and Respect in Political Discourse

Champion Women Names Ambassadors from Across Political Spectrum

Washington, DC — Champion Women today announced a growing list of women from across the political spectrum who have joined the movement as digital ambassadors. Champion Women isn’t about politics—it's about being civil to all women, all perspectives. Champion Women ambassadors have endorsed this principle and these efforts. They come together from all points on the political spectrum to help create a society where women can participate in the public sphere and debate issues with passion and seriousness without facing coarse, sexualized, personal, ad hominem attacks.

Much is said about celebrating diversity… Champion Women celebrates the diversity of women.

Much is said about the needs/benefits of inclusivity… Champion Women is about including ALL women, ALL voices.

Much is said about the evils of stereotyping… Champion Women encourages others to stop stereotyping people based on their voting history, political party affiliation, or job.

Much is said about the example others are setting in our culture… Each Champion Women ambassador is setting an example herself. Each is setting an example by debating issues in a civil and respectful manner. They are committed to honest and open debate. And, they welcome, and take seriously, all women’s voices while defending their own beliefs and opinions.

The growing list of ambassadors includes:

Cathy Areu, Julie Borowski, Leslie Bradshaw, Tammy Bruce, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Amanda Carey Elliot, Lisa Daftari, Kira Davis, Harmeet Dhillon, Jessie Jane Duff, Lyndsey Fifield, Kelsey Harkness, Heather Higgins, Ingris Jacques, Claire Lehman, Jennifer Lim, Vicki Mckenna, Kat Murti, Antonia Okafor, Bre Payton, Carrie Sheffield, Adrienne Schweer, Tara Setmayer, Rina Shah, Amber Smith, Stacy Washington, and Shoshana Weismann.

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All women should be treated with respect. Fear of being shamed, mocked, or silenced should have no place in the national debate. Champion Women is an unprecedented movement launched by Independent Women’s Voice to encourage respectful, diverse, and thoughtful conversations.


Independent Women's Voice (IWV) fights for women and families by effectively expanding support for policy solutions that aren’t just well intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. IWV is the sister organization of Independent Women’s Forum (IWF).

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