It's time to celebrate! Australian Wendy Tuck is now the first woman ever to win the Clipper Round-the-World Yacht race. 

Tuck was shy about celebrating her victory, saying, "I hate banging on about women…I just do what I do but I am very proud."

It truly is an incredible accomplishment, something the race's cofounder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston said "could not be overestimated." 

The 40,000-mile race featured 12 yachts in total and second place was also captured by a woman. 

"There has never been a round-the-world sailing race where the leading skippers are women," said Knox-Johnston. 

Tuck is clearly over the moon about her success, saying she was in shock by the win, but also joyful. 

Her win is truly impressive and it's a great day to champion women in sport.