Sometimes tragedy sparks a movement. When Trisha Macintyre's mother passed away from ovarian cancer, she wanted to do everything she could to educate people about this very deadly strain of the disease. 

Ovarian cancer can easily go undetected, thus many women don't discover they are affected until it's too late — and it's the fifth most deadly form of cancer for women. 

In Boulder, Colorado, Macintyre recently led the third annual Hike for Her event, which she created to raise awareness. Hundreds of participants gathered in signature blue t-shirts and backpacks to hike for the hope that one day this cancer will be eliminated. 

She partnered with the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance to help get the facts out about symptoms. 

“As I was hiking sort of during my grieving and healing process the idea of Hike for Her came to mind…My emphasis isn’t just getting this informationout to the women but to get it out to the men so they might help their women to identify some of these symptoms," said Macintyre. 

So many women are affected by this horrific disease, including my own grandmother, who passed away from it. I am thankful for work being done to help promote detection and prevention.