The midterm election is only two weeks away now and voters are very interested in making their voices heard. In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC survey, close to two-thirds of registered voters indicated a strong interest in the upcoming election, the highest ever recorded by the Wall Street Journal/NBC.

That same WSJ/NBC poll also found that the President’s approval rating has reached a new high, surpassing that of President Obama’s in 2010 according to a similar NBC/Wall Street Journal poll from late October 2010.

But that’s not the only poll that shows President Trump’s popularity trending upward. Since mid-September, the President’s polling average has risen almost four percentage points according to RealClearPolitics.

That’s because conservative policies are helping Americans in every demographic succeed. You can’t deny the facts; Americans are better off now than before. Thanks to tax reform, Americans continue to benefit from pay raises, lower taxes, and higher rates of business ownership. The economy is booming. The unemployment rate for all groups has fallen to a historic low. This is what the American Dream is all about and it is now attainable for all Americans.

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