An executive producer on the “Ellen DeGeneris Show” could use a lesson on kindness and respect and he may just get one.

The White House extended an invitation to Andy Lassner to attend a “Be Best” anti-bullying event following his latest tweet about First Lady Melania Trump.

Lassner, who seems to be somewhat obsessed with disparaging the First Lady, used the current caravan of Central American immigrants looking to cross into the U.S. illegally to take a swipe at her. He tweeted (now deleted):

@andylassner: I’m way more afraid of another Melania getting in to this country than I am of any caravan of human beings seeking asylum.
11:41 AM – Oct 22, 2018

This is not the first time he has mocked her. In one tweet, he alluded to her being held against her will. In another, he makes fun of her marriage and trolls her Be Best campaign. He even called her crazy.

The substance of Lassner’s criticism is baseless. We certainly know more about First Lady Trump than those travelling in the caravan. Melania Trump is an entrepreneur with a successful modeling career that dated back to age 5. She came to this country legally in the 1990s, became a permanent resident and a naturalized American citizen in 2006 following the legal process.

But all of that doesn’t matter to Lassner. He points to no policies grievances but has thrown yet another personal attack to degrade the woman’s intelligence, sanity, marriage, and family.

Melania Trump doesn’t deserve these baseless attacks that are simply due to being the wife of President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, First Lady Trump is constantly mocked, harassed, and degraded. Sometimes, she personally is the intended target and other times she is used as a stand-in for President Trump such as rapper T.I.’s tasteless video last week.

Lassner demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left who celebrate one former First Lady (Hillary Clinton) for standing with her husband, but hates this one.

Even more, Lassner who is an immigrant from Colombia, is denigrating another immigrant, because she thinks differently than perhaps he believes she should. Like the black media elites who berated rapper Kanye West two weeks ago for visiting President Trump at the White House, Lassner represents the Hispanic elites who make no room for independent thought.

It’s time to stand up to the sexist personal attacks against conservative women. We can disagree about policy and opinions but civil discourse demands that we show mutual respect.

That’s an underlying message of Be Best campaign to combat online bullying. Hopefully, Lassner will pay attention.