If you’re like many Americans you dropped some cash online on gifts for family and friends — or yourself — this past Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Online spending hit records this season as we increasingly use our fingers instead of our feet to browse our favorite retailers to nab deals.

Look at these statistics according to Adobe Analytics, which tracks transactions for the 80 of the top 100 internet retailers:

  • Black Friday set a new high in online shopping: Online retailers pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales, up 23.6 percent from a year ago

  • Black Friday set a new record on sales via mobile phones: More than $2 billion in sales stemmed from smartphones.

  • Mobile shopping crept higher: A third (33.5 percent) of e-commerce sales Friday came from mobile devices, compared with 29.1 percent in 2017.

  • Big-ticket items sold most: Spending on appliances, furniture, and bulkier electronics was up 8.5 percent year over year to reach $146.

Retailers have reportedly invested in creating a better mobile shopping experience which allows shoppers to go from just browsing to spending.

Even a better mobile experience couldn’t make Americans spend what they don’t have. We can credit a strong economy.

Americans are benefiting from greater certainty about the economy, lower unemployment, and rising wages. That makes them more willing to spend this holiday season. We can celebrate that Americans are #betteroffnow.