There are important reforms being made to health insurance. But there are false and misleading narratives being spread about how they would affect women’s health care.

Here are the facts about women’s health care:|

  • Under the proposed healthcare reforms, no one will be denied insurance coverage for any reason. This includes women who are pregnant, had a c-section, or were raped or abused. (Source: The Washington Post)

  • If the proposed healthcare reforms are passed, women will NOT pay more than men for insurance. As with the ACA, insurers CANNOT charge women more than men on the basis of gender. This applies in all 50 states and cannot be waived. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

  • With the proposed healthcare reforms, millions of women with pre-existing conditions will NOT lose their health care. No one will be denied coverage for any reason. Special protection programs will safeguard all applicants with pre-existing conditions, including women. (Source: National Review)

  • Premiums for women (and men) who maintain continuous coverage won’t increase due to any health factor or condition. (Source: National Review)

  • Under the proposed healthcare reforms, women WILL still have access to maternity coverage or birth control if they want or need them. States may choose to keep this coverage as a legal requirement. But in states that don’t, insurance companies will continue to offer this coverage as an option for consumers. (Source: NPR)