On Thursday, Vogue published an article about the disappointment of white women voters, after exit polls from Tuesday’s midterm elections showed that the demographic primarily voted in favor of GOP candidates. Now, Fox & Friends is expressing its own opinion about the piece, saying that the article is “remarkable in its misogyny.”

Under a headline that asked “Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and Against Their Own Interests?,” the Vogue article aggregated data from the recent election that illustrates white women’s overwhelming support for Republican candidates who are against critical women’s issues like reproductive rights and equal pay.

“As sure as black women have proven themselves to be the often-underappreciated backbone of the Democratic party, white women voters are establishing themselves as maddeningly, confusingly … unsisterly,” the article stated, while also asking, “Are they so invested in their own white privilege that they simply don’t care about other women? Are they parroting their Republican husbands and/or brainwashed by Fox & Friends?”

Fox & Friends is fighting back by saying that this hypothesis is sexist. The network brought in Tammy Bruce, a Fox News contributor and the president of the Independent Women’s Voice, who said that the piece’s outlook isn’t anything new. In fact, she says that it’s an argument that’s been used by misogynists and sexists time and time again.

“Women have always been attacked when they don’t conform, or when they’ve been different or when they’ve thought for themselves,” Bruce explained. “The irony of women who stand there and present themselves as supposedly the champion of women, condemning women for making choices that best suited them, when I thought that was the entire point of feminism.”

And she isn’t the only one making this argument. In fact, people all over Twitter are sharing conflicting thoughts on the Vogue article.

Still, there are plenty who argue that reproductive choice and paid leave are universally in the interest of women.

Regardless of which side of the argument people on social media agree with, the writer of the Vogue piece, Michelle Ruiz, is now wondering where her invite to share her logic on Fox & Friends was.