IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 7, 2018
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IWV is proud to have played a role in this election


Washington, DC – Tonight, Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) congratulates Congresswoman Ann Wagner on her reelection victory in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. IWV is proud to have played a role in this election and Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is proud to have helped shape people’s understanding of the issues.

With a combined $1.8m in spending, IWF focused on policy education and IWV focused on persuasion, in MO-02 and 37 other deeply contested midterm districts. Using mailers, phone calls, and text messages, IWF educated misinformed constituents about the real healthcare positions advanced by the GOP, and not those propagated by the left. IWV in turn linked Rep. Ann Wager and

Cort VanOstran with their party's healthcare positions, ultimately leaving the choice of who to support up to voters. Our message testing materials, which countered the left’s claims and addressed misperceptions about healthcare, pre-existing conditions, and “Medicare-for-All”, significantly improved policy understanding and, without any mention of any candidate or party, as a corollary, moved non-conservative GOP females +9 points in tests on the ballot test.



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