Barbra Streisand has a few choice words for women she doesn't agree with politically, saying that women who voted for President Trump likely "vote the way their husbands vote" and "don't believe in their own thoughts." Her words sound strikingly familiar to things we've heard recently from both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.  
Obviously, some women cast their ballots for Trump in the presidential election, but why would they vote for a man who doesn’t let them control their own bodies? ‘It’s a terribly complex thing,’ says Barbra.

‘A lot of women vote the way their husbands vote; they don’t believe enough in their own thoughts. Maybe that woman who’s so articulate, so experienced and so fit for the presidency [Hillary] was too intimidating. 

‘Perhaps she made women feel unsuccessful. All of this was so devastating to me and I was heartbroken, so I wanted to write about it, sing about it and deliver an album. It was perfect timing, so I just did it.’

It's sad when women with influence aren't able to recognize and appreciate diversity of thought or applaud a woman's ability to think outside of the status quo.
I'm thankful that women in the United States are empowered to vote for whichever policies and lawmakers they believe will provide more freedom and opportunity for their loved ones.