When Jessica Stower somehow misplaced her family's water bill, it was found by one of her neighbors. In that situation, most people would be kind and considerate enough to make sure that the lost bill made its way back to the family. But that wasn't enough for the stranger who found it. Instead, they anonymously paid the family's water bill in full. 

“Literally I started crying. It was really overwhelming, honestly… It would have gone overdue," she said. 

From Lifezette: 

Earlier this month, the mom, with her with baby boy in tow, was sifting through her mail at the mailbox when the wind apparently blew her water bill away — without her realizing it at the time.

Subsequently, she received notification from Howell Township with a copy of her water bill and the anonymous letter written to the township stating that the $55 charge had been paid in full.