Democrats don't want to talk about it, but a small share of immigrants in the United States illegally have left many parents grieving the lives of their children. A handful of parents who have lost children due to crimes committed by illegal immigrants appeared on Fox News this week. These "angel parents," as President Trump dubbed them earlier this year, were a powerful symbol as to why border security is an absolute must. 

As host Sean Hannity introduced the guests — like Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant with two prior drunk driving arrests — it was hard not to well up with emotion. As a parent, this is is your worst nightmare and it resonates even more powerfully when you realize these deaths could have been avoided with proper border security laws. 

Wendy and DJ Corcoran, the parents of Pierce Corcoran, killed only weeks ago, appeared on the show. Their child's killer had been in the country illegally for 14 years, and had "every opportunity to become a productive citizen," said Corcorcan. But he chose not to. 

The Corcorans explained that every morning they wake up to a new reality that feels like a bad dream. It's clear the other parents on stage share their daily nightmare.

Laura Wilkerson's teenage son, Josh, was brutally beaten and set on fire. Grant Ronneback was murdered while working the night shift at a convenience store by an illegal immigrant who had previously held a woman hostage and raped her for 10 days. His killer had been arrested for that crime, but got out of prison by pleading down his crimes and was not deported.

The list of atrocities goes on in this heart-wrenching episode. Democrats want to say the border crisis is "manufactured" — but can they say that to a parent who will never get to see their child again? Protecting our country from illegal immigrant crimes is just one part of this — but it's an important part. Some of those who committed these murders will eventually be out of prison. Their victims will never take another breath. 

Many of these "angel parents" take right offense at being told this is a "manufactured crisis."

As Julie Colvach, mother of Specher Colvach, who was shot and killed at a traffic light in 2015 said, "It may seem 'manufactured' to them because they are sitting safely behind walls, but for those of us out in regular America, we are victims, we are prone to the victimization of illegal aliens and crime."

Extending compassionate refuge to those seeking asylum in the United States is a good and important thing to do. However, implementing laws that prevent criminals from entering or remaining in the country must be part of immigration reform as well. Building a wall is not the full answer to this problem, but a physical barrier is a proven deterrent and could help. 

It's time to secure the border and end the humanitarian crisis. Nothing will bring back these young Americans, but hopefully we can save a few lives in the process.