The press doesn't want you to believe they are biased — but they make it so painfully obvious, even in subtle ways. In a December 31st article describing the 2019 incoming freshman class, the Washington Post ticks off names and new titles of incoming members, but when they get to addressing the incoming female Republican — they let their cards show. 

Rather than identify Rep. Carol Miller (R) as the incoming female Congresswoman from West Virginia, they introduce her first as a "bison farmer," as if to ensure readers know she doesn't quite fit in here.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being a bison farmer, but the move to exclusively introduce her (and no one else by their former career titles)is a classic way of marginalizing with a nice dash of elitism thrown in for good measure. The implication here is that Miller doesn't really represent women in America, she's a bison farmer first and foremost.

It's little details like this that contribute to the disrespect and demonizing of women who do not abide by the feminist status quo. Not lining up for progressive causes? You don't count as a real woman. Rep. Carol Miller shouldn't be demeaned. Instead, she should receive just as much praise as every Democrat woman being fawned over in the media. 

Ironically, we could use more citizen lawmakers in Washington, instead of career politicians. We salute Rep. Miller's experience in farming, but regret that the Washington Post singled her out in this way.