In the last week, we've learned that actor Jussie Smollett's likely staged a fake attack, making it look like supporters of President Trump assaulted him late at night. After appearing on ABC News to discuss the attack and receiving an outpouring of support from celebrities, police reports reveal it was more than likely a hoax. 

While many are outraged by this abuse of the public trust, this kind of hoax — perpetuated against Trump supporters — is nothing new. In the past two years, there have have multiple incidents of this kind, not generally covered by the press. Journalist Andy Ngo documented at least 28 other cases like this in a Twitter thread this week: 

If you follow the thread all the way through, you will see horrific examples of hoaxes. These include multiple fabricated "hate crimes" by "Trump supporters" — as well as several hateful messages written on signs or notes, later proven to have been written by the accusers themselves. 

It appears there are far more fake attacks coming from Leftist sources than there are actual hate crimes coming from real Trump supporters. The mainstream media conveniently ignores these hoaxes.