It's to bring real transparency to the healthcare market. Patients shouldn't be hit with unexpected, high healthcare bills that can devastate their finances. They should be able to see how much something costs before they do it — with complete health information and full access to their healthcare records.
Patients Rights Advocate is a group working to help make transparency a reality. They write:
"With real price transparency, we seek to eliminate price gouging and surprise billing. Readily available, real-time, free, mobile access to comparative prices will allow patients to see, know, and choose the best quality of care at the lowest price. Patients will be able to shop in a trusted, competitive marketplace, negotiate when the bill doesn’t match the price, and ultimately better manage their health and financial wealth."
Real patients are sharing their stories. Today, I want to share with you the story of a woman named Liz. She has two sons, both with chronic, life-threatening health conditions. 
Her family has often had to commit to services without knowing the price. She wants to understand who sets these high prices and why they can't know before they commit to a procedure. Hear her story: