Healthcare costs in the U.S. continue to rise every year. According to Gallup, Americans had to borrow a whopping $88 billion to pay their healthcare bills in the last year alone and one in four people were forced to skip a medical treatment due to costs.

The lack of price transparency and consumer choice in the healthcare industry certainly drive high costs. Sadly, patients are the ones who suffer as a result.

We would never agree to buy anything without knowing how much it is going to cost. Prices in health care should work the same way.

The White House has a proposal that would arm patients with better information about healthcare prices which would empower them to shop and plan for their care. This will also introduce more competition into the healthcare marketplace which will encourage providers to compete with one another and bring costs down for everyone.

IWV has been educating Americans on the benefits of price transparency and has been driving comments to the Department of Health and Human Services which is currently seeking and accepting public comments on the proposal until June 3, 2019.

Over the weekend, Fox News contributor and NRO contributing editor Deroy Murdock said the proposed price-transparency rule was a great idea and encouraged people to visit IWV’s website to share their stories of how Americans continue to face difficulty accessing health care price information. You can watch the video clip here.