As some media figures celebrate White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' departure, "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt and guest Heather Higgins debated Friday the treatment of conservative women in the media, as opposed to liberal women.

Higgins, the CEO of the conservative group Independent Women's Voice, said the left is blinded by "progressive privilege" which moves them to "glamorize, elevate, minimize and do damage control" for liberal Democratic women. However, when it comes to conservative women in politics, they tend to use techniques like labeling and mocking in an attempt to "dehumanize and to treat [women] with contempt" as opposed to confronting their arguments, she said.

President Trump announced in a tweet on Thursday that Sanders would be leaving her post after three-and-a-half years working for him and his campaign, including nearly two years as press secretary.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said on Thursday that he "will not miss her," while a CNN opinion piece published the same day claims Sanders "failed in almost every aspect of the job."

Host Ainsley Earhardt defended Sanders' time at the podium and highlighted the complex nature of the job.

"She is a mother. Her kids read these headlines. She was serving our country in the White House," Earhardt said. "Yeah, you might not agree with her politics, but what a phenomenal job and a tough job. We should support her," she continued.

"Remember: for the left, all politics is personal," Higgins responded, adding that there was an effort to "delegitimize" Sanders' voice as well as other female figures who support or work for Trump.

"It basically tells you that it's OK to treat people who disagree with you with disdain and contempt and sort of write them out of the picture," she said. "And that's all driven by a very different worldview of who we are as people and what to expect."