Looks like the people of Colorado may insist that the state remains in the Electoral College after all.  

In March, Gov. Jared Polis signed a law that commits Colorado to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. As a signatory to the compact, Colorado has pledged all of its electoral votes to the presidential candidate with the most votes nationwide  — even if a majority in of Coloradans vote for somebody else.

The compact takes effect when states representing at least 270 electoral votes — the number needed for a candidate to win the White House — have signed on. As of today, the NPVIC is 196 votes toward its goal.

But grassroots activists want Colorado voters to weigh in. Organizers of efforts to repeal the law are collecting signatures to put the issue on the state ballot. Currently, they are halfway to their goal.

The Denver Post reports that, “Coloradans Vote, the group behind the repeal effort, has collected 100,000 signatures. To qualify for the 2020 ballot, the group needs to submit 124,632 valid signatures to the Secretary of State by Aug. 1. To ensure enough are valid, organizers want to collect 200,000 signatures. . . .A March poll found Colorado voters split on the issue: 34 percent of likely 2020 voters had a favorable opinion, while 39 percent opposed it.”

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