This week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced she'd be leaving her post as White House Press Secretary. Sanders has served in this merciless position for the last several years, enduring endless, cruel jabs from the media. She's been made fun of multiple times on Saturday Night Live and was infamously targeted by comedian Michelle Wolfe at the 2018 White House Correspondence Dinner. Misogynistic remarks about her looks and personality surfaced repeatedly in the last two years, something that would have been criticized by feminists were she a liberal woman. Instead, we heard nothing, which showcased a clear bias against conservative women. 

After announcing she would leave her position, it didn't take long for the hateful comments to pour in. Here are just a few of things we've seen so far: 
These are just a few examples I was able to round up in a short period of time, so there are many more where these came from. The responses you're seeing here — and the vitriol seen leveled against Sanders and her female colleagues in the Trump Administration for the past three years — are examples of "progressive privilege." It's not right or fair to treat people with disdain because you disagree with their political viewpoints. 
Independent Women's Forum (IWF) covered this issue in a new video out with PragerU this week. Check it out here: