Immediate Release
October 25, 2019
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Independent Women's Voice Condemns the Star Chamber Inquiry by the House
The House Inquiry Treats the American People With Contempt

Washington, DC — Independent Women's Voice condemns the Star Chamber inquiry currently being conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives and supports Senate Resolution 378, introduced this week by Senator Graham. 

IWV President Tammy Bruce issued the following statement: "We support Senator Graham's call for the House of Representatives to vote to open a formal impeachment inquiry and to provide the President of the United States with a fair and equitable process. The House inquiry treats the American people with contempt. Having one party, in one branch of government, proceed by selective leaks and without counterpoint or transparency undermines fundamental notions of fairness. This isn't just about this President. This is about the precedent we set for all future Presidents too.

For any inquiry to have legitimacy, the House must follow basic procedures consistent with those used in prior impeachment inquiries. The duly-elected President of the United States deserves to participate in the process in a meaningful manner, and the American people deserve transparency and clarity. 



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