What a remarkable weekend we had! When I say we, I am referring, of course, to the nation as a whole. It is undeniable that the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder and leader of the Islamic State, or ISIS, as well as his ostensible second in command, is a victory for humanity.

But you wouldn’t know that if you initially relied exclusively on legacy media or on comments from Democratic leadership. Their first instinct was to whine, complain and mislead.

As has been blasted on social media and in conservative commentary across most Internet platforms, entities such as The Washington Post, Bloomberg Politics, Jake Tapper on CNN, former Obama operatives and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to downplay or dismiss the importance of what happened.

The good news is that while actions attempting to recast a mass-murdering rapist terrorist leader as an “austere religious scholar” backfired, it will always matter as it is an undeniable example of how pathologically untrustworthy the media and political establishment have become.

The media confessed what was really on their minds upon hearing this extraordinary news for the world that the most wanted man on the planet had been dispatched.

As an example, here’s how CNN Politics reported the event: “Triumph over top terrorist interrupts impeachment crisis engulfing Trump.” Bloomberg followed suit with, “Raid Gives Trump Timely Win But Unlikely to Slow Impeachment.”

Can you imagine being so repugnant that this is where your mind goes when you’ve learned a cancer on humanity has been wiped out? But it’s typical of the establishment — thinking only of its agenda and viewing everything with how it impacts only them.

Mrs. Pelosi, House Intelligence Chairman Adam B. Schiff and the others stuffed into the House Clown Car are hoping they can make people believe that President Donald Trump is inept and a danger to national security. That fabricated narrative exploded in their faces like a trick cigar as the al-Baghdadi raid reminded the American people that Mr. Trump is doing his job, is not distracted by Cirque de Pelosi, and imperatively, not like other presidents.

Our troops were removed from Syria, which was decried as an abandonment of national security priorities and of our allies in the region. Politicians on both sides of the aisle mistakenly believed Mr. Trump would behave like other presidents, expecting that action to be a precursor to his turning away and abandoning the effort as a whole.

Perhaps they were remembering former Presidents Bill Clinton running from Somalia, or Barack Obama dismissing ISIS as a “JV team,” or talking tough about Syria and then running away from his own red line.

But Mr. Trump is different. While swamp masters expected that to be the beginning of another status quo of doing nothing, it was actually the end. Mr. Trump showed Americans and the world that acting on a commitment to make the world a safer place does not necessarily mean parking our troops like policemen at borders allowing the status quo to continue in perpetuity.

Mr. Trump, in other words, is educating the ignorant in our government about the ignorance of our past decision-making. There is a better way to do things at every level, in every sector, whether militarily, economically, and the role of government itself.

No wonder they are desperate to impeach him.

This al-Baghdadi mission was named in honor of Kayla Mueller, one of ISIS’ American victims, a young woman captured and used as al-Baghdadi’s personal sex slave. Reports indicate Mueller was tortured and raped daily while in captivity before she was killed.

Mr. Trump personally informed her parents about the success of “Operation Kayla.” For 20 minutes the president spoke with her parents and answered their questions. Fox News reported, “Marsha Mueller, the woman’s mother, praised President Trump and the Special Operations commandos who raided the compound and told the Arizona Republic that she believes if ‘Obama had been as decisive as Trump,’ her daughter may still be alive.”

The initial effort by the media to downplay, dismiss and even criticize Mr. Trump about the raid reminds us of the instinct of establishment toadies to forget and ignore (and insult) people who don’t fit their agenda or narrative. Mr. Trump ran, in part, with a promise to end the deliberate forgetting by politicians of the men and women of this country.

“Operation Kayla” ended that obscene forgetting of her, James Foley, Stephen Sotloff and Peter Kassig, all Americans tortured and murdered by al-Baghdadi and his henchmen.

Instead, we had media outlets working on how al-Baghdadi would be remembered. The Post ran an initial obituary headline one would have expected for an unusual eccentric who died by tripping over a log: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.” Not to be outdone, Bloomberg Politics went right to work with: “Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi transformed himself from a little-known teacher of Koranic recitation into the self-proclaimed ruler of an entity that covered swaths of Syria and Iraq.”

A teacher who led “an entity.” Got it.

The legacy media and their Democratic Party overlords want you to join them in forgetting those who suffered and died at the hands of ISIS. Why? Because remembering disrupts their false narrative about Mr. Trump, it hurts their impeachment Star Chamber, and it destroys their lies that a duly elected president should be ousted from office because he’s a danger to the country.

It’s that simple, and that ugly. And it confirms why Mr. Trump’s presidency is more vital every day.