You might have missed news of the 2020 manifestation of the so-called Women’s March, the anti-Trump mob masquerading as a women’s rights effort. Launched in 2017 after President Trump’s win for the presidency and the second abject failure of Hillary Clinton’s run for the office, you didn’t hear much about this year’s event from the legacy media because it collapsed under the weight of its own hypocrisy and fraud.

The first march on Jan. 21, 2017, was touted as having attracted up to 1 million people in Washington, D.C., alone. The 2019 event had shrunk to 100,000 marchers. This year, the total collapse was clear with reports of just 6,000 people RSVPing on their Facebook page, and high estimates of attendance at no more than 10,000 enraged pussyhatters showing up.

From 1 million to 10,000 gives the impression that women have indeed had enough — of hatred, fear and lies.

At the beginning when their rage should have been directed at Mrs. Clinton for being such an awful, entitled and smug candidate, instead we were told Mr. Trump was going to subject all of us to a “Handmaiden’s Tale” nightmare society where women would be tortured by sexual slavery, rape and forced childbirth.

The few things absent from the hell Mr. Trump would unleash on civilized society were cats and dogs sleeping together, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stomping through Manhattan.

The first clue about the fraud of the effort was the marches themselves having nothing to do with improving women’s lives. They were, ironically, all about a man. When they weren’t obsessing about their hatred for Mr. Trump, organizers subjected marchers to screeds about climate change, immigration and the evils of capitalism. Signs were rarely about issues impacting real women’s lives and were instead replete with obscene references to the president along with boilerplate leftist alarmism.

In the meantime, Americans saw Mr. Trump deliver the opposite of the leftist and Democratic Party doomsday warnings. Since Mr. Trump took office, 600,000 women have been lifted up and out of poverty. The poverty rate itself is now at its lowest in 18 years.

Since the beginning of the president’s tenure, 6.2 million people have been able to get off food stamps. 6.5 million jobs have been created and we are enjoying a record low unemployment rate for women, as we are for everyone across the social spectrum.

Late last year, The Washington Post reported that, for the first time, most hires of prime working-age people, between the ages of 25 and 54, are people of color with women of color driving that trend.

The same people who convinced women to go to Washington to march because Mr. Trump was going to build sex-slave concentration camps for them also told us that if Mr. Trump were elected, then the stock market was going to crash and that he was going to start World War III.

Instead, we are enjoying a historic economic renaissance and the president’s foreign policy has destroyed the Islamic State, killed terrorist leaders, while using global diplomacy and economic “maximum pressure” to control rogue and terrorist regimes.

It’s bad enough to be told that you were being organized to help improve women’s lives and then to find yourself in the midst of a mob that is nursing their hatred for a man. But even worse, is when you’re being lied to about that same man who has arguably done more to improve the quality of women’s lives than any previous president.

On its face, it’s clear the Democratic Party and their leftist enablers don’t think much of women. Their rhetoric and manipulation presume women are shallow, uninformed and vapid creatures.

This presumption was at the core of Mrs. Clinton’s absurd and entitled campaigns for president. Relying on the scourge of identity politics, women were told that they should vote a certain way because of an immutable characteristic, their sex.

The leftist belief that women are cows that to be herded, propelled the former secretary of state, the Women’s March and the Democratic Party, to relegate women to meaningless cogs in a political wheel to do as they were told.

It would serve many on the left, especially leadership and their operatives, to recognize what this means for 2020 and why the Democratic Party is in such a shambles. The Women’s March collapsed because Americans are not inspired by hate and fear. We are also tired of being lied to by liberal alarmists.

Americans go to the polls to vote for things, not against something. We participate in civic life because of our optimism in the future and to work on ideas and policies that make society better. The Women’s March was a hate-fest. And it’s all the left has, which explains why the 10,000 people who ultimately participated in the Washington, D.C., march is less than many of the overflow crowds for Mr. Trump’s various rallies, which are infused with optimism and excitement about the future.

The Democrats have plenty to worry about when it comes to their sad lineup of candidates, but that is only a symptom of a party that has given up on trying to convince people on the details of the issues and instead relies on fanning the flames of fear and division. The good news for the country is it’s a much more difficult task when you throw a hate march, and no one shows up.