February 12, 2020

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Members of Congress:

Did you know that the broad-based language of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) could actually eliminate rights that women presently enjoy?

ERA proponents claim the amendment is necessary to guarantee equality of the sexes—but the Constitution of the United States already guarantees equality for all Americans. In America today, there are no rights that men enjoy that women do not.

Women’s rights to speak, worship freely, bear arms, be tried by a jury and more are protected. And unwarranted discrimination on the basis of sex is already barred by state and federal law.

The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment already guarantees equality of the sexes. The ERA would go much further, requiring that the government treat men and women the same—regardless of actual differences recognized under current law upon which women presently rely.

The amendment will, therefore, replace equality under the law with interchangeability or sameness with men in all situations. While we are equal, we are not the same.

The ERA will bar laws from taking into account the biological differences between men and women, differences which, if ignored, can place women and girls in harm’s way. The ERA could mean the end of girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms in public schools, separate women’s prisons, and all-female sports teams on public university campuses. The amendment could also make unconstitutional hundreds of laws that currently distinguish between men and women, or bestow benefits to women, such as WIC, spousal Social Security, the Violence Against Women Act, and more.

Significantly, Congress lacks the authority to extend the deadline for ratification. The ERA’s promises of “equality” sounds nice, but eliminating all female-specific laws will  harm women, not help them. Eradicating all women-only spaces will make girls more vulnerable to harassment and violence, not less.

Men and women are equal under the law, but we are still different, and in some situations, those differences matter!

For these reasons, we the undersigned oppose the Equal Rights Amendment.




Tammy Bruce


Independent Women’s Voice


Heather Higgins


Independent Women’s Voice


Carrie L. Lukas

Vice President

Independent Women’s Voice


Jennifer C. Braceras


Independent Women’s Law Center


Harmeet Dhillon


Republican National Lawyers Association


Penny Young Nance

CEO & President

Concerned Women for America LAC


Heather Mac Donald

Thomas W. Smith Fellow

Manhattan Institute


Jessica Anderson

Vice President

Heritage Action


Linda Chavez


Center For Equal Opportunity


Eunie Smith


Eagle Forum


Sarah Perry

Director of Partnerships

Family Research Council


Kathy Valente

Director of Operations

Illinois Family Institute


Nicole Neily


Speech First


Terry Schilling

Executive Director

American Principles Project


George Landrith


Frontiers of Freedom


Carolina Allen


Big Ocean Women


Ed Martin


Phyllis Schlafly Eagles


Gary Marx

Former Executive Director

Faith and Freedom Coalition


Amy O. Cooke


John Locke Foundation


Amanda Owens


Future Female Leaders


Jon Schweppe

Director of Policy and Government Affairs

American Principles Project


Frayda Levy