Dear Members of Congress, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed workers across the country in difficult situations. From layoffs to furloughs to simply reduced worked opportunities, many Americans have found their income has been reduced. Independent contractors have not been immune.

Independent Women’s Voice is proud to support the Helping Gig Economy Workers Act of 2020. By allowing businesses to provide contractors with employee assistance, without the specter of lawsuits related to worker classification status, this act will provide crucial assistance at a time when so many workers are struggling. The sort of assistance covered in the bill, providing protections for companies offering assistance such as paid leave, bonuses and preventative care, will encourage workers to continue to provide their services and help our economy recover from the disastrous effects of the nation-wide lockdowns.  

As the number of gig workers in our economy has grown, they have played an increasingly important role in our economy and will be vital to the ongoing recovery efforts. Many of these workers have found their income severely reduced due to the effects of the lockdown. This legislation will allow businesses that employ these contractors to provide assistance without being penalized for their willingness to help. 

Importantly, it will allow businesses to offer contracted workers public-health related benefits, such as medical testing, cleaning supplies, and training and information related to the COVID pandemic. Offering these critical services shouldn’t depend on workers’ employment classification status, and shouldn’t serve as grounds for a lawsuit. 

This bill helps both contractors and businesses at a time when both need and deserve additional support.  

We thank Representatives Miller and Cuellar as well as Senators Braun, Loeffler, Cassidy and Scott for their leadership in supporting American workers, and we urge you to join them and support the Helping Gig Economy Workers Act of 2020. 


Heather Higgins
Independent Women’s Voice