The Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act was recently introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to bring much-needed accountability, transparency, and competition to the healthcare industry. 

The Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act will codify the price transparency rules championed by us, backed by thousands of supporters like you, and implemented by the Administration. This bill will ensure that price transparency is the law of the land.

Health care is one of the largest sectors of our economy; yet, it’s the least transparent. In no other industry but health care are Americans compelled to pay for a service without seeing the price upfront. 

The Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act will allow you to shop for healthcare services, tests, or procedures just as you shop for anything else on the market: by seeing prices upfront, comparing prices and provider reviews, and finding the best value. 

Price transparency will create a truly competitive, functional healthcare marketplace—one that will give you the freedom to choose your health care, which will ultimately lead to lower costs and increased choices for all patients. 

However, hospital lobbies and special interest groups are already fighting this tooth and nail. They recently took healthcare price transparency out of the draft stimulus. We cannot underestimate the power and influence of their lobbying arm. That’s why it is important that your senators hear from you and put price transparency back in the stimulus

Contact your Members of Congress today to urge them to support the Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act and include it in the stimulus package.